What is LuoPrint?

LuoPrint is a free printing service for university and polytechnic students. With us, students will be able to print everything from notes to documents to past year papers for zero cost.

How is this service free?

Our free printing is powered by the advertisements that we print on the flip side of each page.

How do I get my prints?

Students staying in NTU halls can get their prints delivered to their hall mailbox by 1000 hrs on Monday mornings. Print jobs are to be submitted to our website by Sunday 1900 hrs.

Does this mean I cannot get my prints delivered if I do not stay in hall?

Unfortunately, we do not cater to students staying outside of NTU at the moment. However, we will be rolling out a self-collection booth at North Spine starting AY2023.

How many pages can I print with LuoPrint?

Presently, there is a 20-page limit per week, which is to be increased in the near future.

Is printing this much volume environmentally sustainable?

We have and will be taking multiple steps to offset our carbon footprint. We have pledged to donate 1 tree per 1000 pages printed via The Eden Project. We will also be placing a recycling bin next to our self-collection booth at North Spine. We are also in the midst of procuring bamboo paper to boost sustainability of our print medium.